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Mission of Coos County Mental Health

1975 McPherson, North Bend, Oregon 97459




A Member of Western Oregon Advanced Health.

Our Mission is to enable each citizen of Coos County to function at their maximum mental and emotional potential.


  • To be consumer-centered, with the needs and preferences of the individual with a mental health disorder, his/her family and other support persons guiding the services that are provided.
  • To be community-based with services, management and decision-making at the community level.
  • To provide comprehensive, 'round the clock' services that address the needs of individuals with mental health disorders.
  • To balance the need for public safety with individual autonomy.
  • To affirm family members, providers and staff who care for those with mental health disorders.
  • To protect individuals from being abused by others and prevent the development of abusive situations.


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